Update: I am aware the below introduction is chronically out-of-date. No, I am no longer at Mcgill (although I still frequent it as it is half of where I work), nor will I be in Montreal in a couple of months, so please update your stalking calendars. I am, however, still accepting commissions for the next few months. Mail me. 

Hi there.

I'm Amy Goh, full-time Cat, visual poet, writer and artist based in Japan. I weave worlds for a living, although a distant entity called School bubbles beneath the surface wherein I get to study Fun Things like Movies, Monsters, the dynamics of Faustian Pacts with the Devil and Victorian Pathological fiction. This is my little corner in the web where I dump a multitude of pictures, words and bits-of-other in a clumsy effort to group things together.

I exist mostly here and here and am rumoured to exist in a multitude of other places (I don't feel obliged to exist firmly in reality, anyway. It gets dull).

I am always open for commissions.

Comments are appreciated. Feel free to drop me an email, if only to say hi. 



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