With you...
... I want to speak the language of silences, of white nights and the world underneath.
I want to clasp your horizons, to embrace your blue skies
To thread me down when the winds get too strong, and I don't see anything
but the whirl whirl whirl of grey thunder that sweeps across the soul in
a proclamation of death.
I want to sing your songs, to hold discover the world through yoru eyes, to touch
to feel, perhaps to love- to love, but not to want to hold close to me your shut lids
your arms along the fragile canvas of my body, to hold me still as the black
nights grip hold of my soul and renders all the darkness of unbeing. But, but-
to discover a universe through closed eyes- of the newfound blackness of beginnings, of
creation, of an Atlantis lost, found, conquered.


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