Show pictures over here 


On February the 16th, I will be having an installation show at Coatcheck Gallery. Information can be found over here. 

For Monster Cat's Remix Project 

Limited Edition silkscreened shirts for Inch Chua's Kickstarter campaign. [click link above]

Pictures of my Singapore show "Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self" can be found here

A heads up that my Ema piece will be on auction for a select period of time.
Please do head over to Christina Conway's ebay page to bid. Bidding ends April the 28th.

Christina Conway curated the infamous LA Kokeshi doll show in 2009 involving some of my all-time favourite contemporary artists, so it's an honour to be part of this project!


added a short story.  I also updated by profile so it includes my publication and show history. Also: preparing pictures for my upcoming show at Burritoville. Click here for details. everyone is invited, of course. unless you eat people. oh, and if you want wine, bring your own.

Other news would be: I might be volunteering at when we play, and am working on an online book for this illustration site. stay tuned!



I'm selling prints of all of my art to raise funds for my upcoming show at Burritoville. Also, I was featured on Pikaland!

Also: I have added 2 new series on the art page. You can also view my Grotesque booklet on Picasa.

Do take a look see at the shop section and email me for orders!

In addition to prints, I also have some cards made. 




Updated: profile
(she has a face!)

Also, art sale was a success. Pictures over here.

Tired. brain-mushed. Away for now.


. . .


In process of updating (oh yes, I am alive). Progress monolithic, due to creature
called school.

(regarding that: read my thought-essay-entities over here.)

new galleries: st laurent and the sea. more will come with time. truly. erm. 
yes, language is encapsulated, emancipated. so much new (words, poem-pieces, photographs, oh yes. check the LJ for now). apologies in advance for photo-clutter.

also, one of my girls is framed. isn't she pretty?

if you are impatient, go check out the chinatown gallery at my new flickr.
away for present.


. . .


Newly back from San Francisco. Admist flurry of dust, trying to neaten things up before the big move to Montreal.

Among adventures newly embarked, the sea, and Italian restuarants that reap ambrosia-akin food. 

In love with life, really.

More to come on my livejournal. Also, fixed the first Photography gallery. It works now!


. . .



I've been making tea-stained bookmarks. It's a whole lot of fun experimenting with different teas and inks! These will be tentatively on sale.

I've also been writing. Hopefully, I'll get them up some time soon (yet again, if laziness does not gnaw at my insides. That, and this oppressive cloud of Things That Have to Be Done Before Moving To Montreal that's been looming over my head and giving me headaches).




Updated Photography section with a new petit gallery and added a new painting.
Also, my drawings Arteries and Poppy Child will be for sale. Email me for a price quote.

In the next few days, I'll try to get the dreams and words galleries up properly, too, if laziness does not gnaw at my insides. Hmm.




Postcards are ready. I'll be making individualised personal stamps on each one. Email me if you're interested in getting one.

Also, new adventures:

... of sky-filled days spent atop old fortifications

... of old relics uncovered from the sea's stomach

And lastly, Seattle pics, as promised.


your resident cat



working on many elements. site still in pending.
among the fantastical elements that will exist soon:

- postcards (peek)
- prints (vote here)
- and moreeee...

also just came back from Denver/Seattle. was tres lovely. will update LJ soon with much, much pretty :D

Oh yes, my wolf twin's site is also up. Go look over here.

Also, if you have photoshop, pray tell me how I can possibly download it onto my computer. Not having it is a pain!


your local kitty

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