Amy Goh is a Singapore-risen artist and weaver of worlds specializing in black and white illustrations in the surrealistic and sublime vein. Her ink-layered illustrations stitch together an encyclopedic visual repository wherein she scrutinizes and navigates memories, dreams, and the nebulous crevices of the mind. Amy is currently based in Montreal where she is masquerading under the cover of a normal human mask while actively exploring the potential for cross-medial artistic collaboration. She invites the larger world to give her plenty of commissions


A History:

  Amy Goh was nourished on mouldy stories swept ashore from the moody seas of Singapore. She once believed, as a child, that she was not fully human but was, in actual fact, a cat changeling. She also believed that she could turn invisible and thought the landscape of her house a mythic playground populated by non-existent beings, so this should not be entirely surprising. 

  Having found herself unexpectedly grown up, she continues to subsist on dreamscapes unearthed from the debris of her constantly convoluted mind. She is afraid, deathly, of the dams of her imagination bursting; as such, she wishes she could manufacture numerous doppelgangers to help her conceive the millions of entities populating her skull. She works a number of official jobs under the pretense of being a research assistant while secretly acting as secret agent to an underground network of indigenous mice. While she is not writing papers, she draws (rabidly) seascapes of forgotten cities with the inky secretions of her pen (which she often thinks of as a 4th limb).

  Amy dreams of winding corridors and cellars filled with wood-scented shadows. She adores brie cheese, soya milk, life sipped in a dew the colour of chardonnay, and sometimes, she likes to harbour grey daydreams of taking over the world. 




Sweet Nightmares Interview, 2017
Velvit Interview, 2015
Bad Yogi Interview, 2017
De l'esprit à l'encre ("The Spirit in the ink"), Le Delit, 2013
Folk Hand Magazine, April 2013
Her Campus interview, Winter 2013
Monolith Magazine, 2013
Eyestrane interview 2012
Japan Cinema interview 2011

select publications/

Intersections Winter 2011: Women Studies Undergraduate Journal
The Channel Winter 2011: English Undergraduate Journal
The Veg Winter 2011: Literary Magazine
Vielfat 2011: Undergraduate Journal from the Department of German Studies
The Flood Zine Summer Issue, 2011
Vielfat 2012: Undergraduate Journal from the Department of German Studies
Magpie Magazine, April 2012
Paperbrains Zine, April 2012
Status Magazine feature, 2012
Scrivener Creative Review, Summer 2013
Canvas Journal, Fall 2014
Room Magazine, April 2015

miscellaneous projects/

Ootini! album and concept
Monster cat remix project
Wellcome Museum Votive Project
Inch Chua

other press/

Pikaland, 2011
Culture Push, 2011
Drink and Draw Montreal, 2011
Illustration Rally Artist feature, 2011
Illustration Rally Ganbare Japan, 2011
Julius Chocolates Anniversary Feature, 2011

select exhibitions/

Book and Job Gallery (w/ Happy Alligator Collective), “Send Me Across the Sea”, San Francisco, February 25 2017 
Usine 106U, group show, December 2016
La Galerie Curiosités (hosted by Galerie L'Etabli), “Earth Fiction”, Rouen, France, 11-27 November 2016
La Galerie Curiosités (hosted by L’Atelier de Chapeau Rouge), “Dans La peau”, France, 17 March-7 April 2015
Velvit (hosted by Rhine Hall Brewery, Chicago), “Animystic”, 23 October, 2015 La Galerie Curiosités, “VER”, 26 October to 7 December 2015

Solo show: "Eden in Stasis" February- March, 2013 at Coatcheck Gallery
Group Show, "Espace Pop", Galerie Fringe 2013
"The Greatest Show on Earth", Group show, Blackbird Studios, L.A 2013
"Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self", solo show, The Pigeonhole, Singapore, July 2012
Salon Masse, with En Masse, Galerie Pangee, March 2012
Touski Cafe, "The Cats", Solo show, September 2012
Fridge Door Gallery, "The Surreal" group show, Nov- Dec 2010
Burritoville, "The Grotesque" solo show, Jan-Feb 2011
Usine 106U, group show, March 2011
Nuit Blanche, Inspiration Gallery, March 2011
Project Futures Exhibition @ Avenue Art Gallery, Montreal, January 2012
L'expression Art Show @ Prestige Studios, Montreal, March 2012

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