Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self

Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self is series initiated in 2011 as a source of meditative catharsis.

This collection of illustrations explores the nebulous spaces of memory and its origins. Floating ink-ridden pockets behave as conscious iterations of a hyperreality; compulsively recurring womb-like crevices and iconographic imagery meld together and mediate between finite and infinite. As personas, objects, and creatures are layered then grafted onto a personal mythical template, an alchemic map forms accounting for every element of its cosmology. Fragments of this topography dwell on themes of birth, death and rebirth, and organically mix the personal with the natural.

Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self is an ever expanding multi-volume ode to process, progress, and introspective action. 

The Eden of our Consciousness 

Gateway to the (7 day) Apple Girl Cycle 

“Apple Girl” Day 1: Lullabies in a Glass Wilderness 

“Apple Girl” Day 2: Incubating in Eden 

 “Apple Girl” Day 3: Growing in the Garden 

“Apple Girl” Day 4: The Burning Apple 

“Apple Girl” Day 5: Metamorphosis 

“Apple Girl” Day 6: Apotheosis or in Which Her Seeds are Gathered and Spread 

“Apple Girl” Day 7: Exit from Eden 

Exit from “Apple Girl” 

Persephone, falling 

Swan girl 

Gateway to “Tides of Being” trio 

 “Tides of Being” i: City of Broken Hearts 

 “Tides of Being” ii: Flowing into consciousness

 “Tides of Being” iii: Medusa’s head

Exit from “Tides of Being” trio 

Spring Doorway: Initiation 

Spring doorway ii: Gateway to the “Womb” cycle 

“Watery Wombs” i: Descent 

 “Watery Wombs” ii: Wintry Incubation 17 x 24, pen on paper

“Watery Wombs” iii: Withdrawing the Hand 17 x 24, pen on paper


 “Watery Wombs” iv: Out of the self’s mire and into the depths of the sea


“Watery Wombs” final: Journey into an alternative landscape 

Genesis i: Mary of the left hand 

 Genesis ii: Mary of the center 

  Genesis iii: Mary of the right hand 34.5 x 24, pen on paper

Entry/Exit via The Vertical Eden


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